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"Ag robots reveal promise, but need infrastructure, training"

16 dec 2020
(NL) agri-pulse.com

"Odd.Bot wint 100.000 euro met European Innovation & Technology prijs'

20 nov 2020
(NL) BioJournaal.nl

'Un robot para eliminar malas hierbas, ganador del programa EIT FAN'

Nov 20st 2020
(ES) emprendedores.es

'Gezocht: bio akkerbouwers die onkruidrobot willen uitdagen'

5 nov 2020
(NL) BioJournaal.nl

'Robots en drones van Nederlands startups bieden uitkomst'

4 Nov 2020
(NL) RTL Nieuws

'Onkruidrobot na optimalisatie het land op'

1 nov 2020
(NL) Omroep Flevoland

‘Ons algoritme kan straks kamille van een wortel onderscheiden’

23 sept 2020
(NL) FoodAgriBusiness.nl:

'Odd.Bot, el robot capaz de arrancar malas hierbas amenaza de los herbicidas'

Feb 25th 2020
(ES) EcoInventos: Odd.Bot, the robot capable of plucking weeds threatens herbicides
"(translated) With Weed Whacker aims to save more than 170,000 liters of herbicides in the next seven years, so that organic agriculture is more profitable."

CES 2020: Clean Air and Clean Water, Plus Robots and Holograms - TidBITS

Feb 14th 2020

Interview Martijn Lukaart (odd.bot) op CES 2020

Feb 12th 2020
(NL video) YouTube: Emerce.nl

Odd.Bot, the weed-pulling robot that could eliminate herbicides

Feb 11th 2020
(EN) Inhabitat.com

Robots instead of glyphosate

Jan 11th 2020
"The Odd.Bot Weed Whacker is intended to represent an alternative to chemical weed killers such as glyphosate: the robot drives autonomously over cultivated areas and, thanks to image recognition, can distinguish between crops and unwanted sprouts. The robot removes everything that is not acceptable in the field using a mechanical gripper arm."

Gadget love in a time of climate change

Jan 10th 2020
(EN) afr.com

CES shows us a future with flying cars — but can’t avoid the reality of climate change, pollution and war

Jan 10th 2020
(EN) Washingtonpost / Tech
"Multiple companies, including John Deere and Odd.Bot, are working on weeding technology to help farmers use fewer chemical herbicides."

Nederlandse startups in Vegas: van programmeertrein tot tuinrobot

Jan 9th 2020
(NL Video) RTL Nieuws

Duurzame Nederlandse robotoplossingen naar techbeurs Las Vegas

Jan 6th 2020
(NL) Holland Robotics

Radiointerview: Innovative Dutch robots coming for organic weeding

Jan 4th 2020
(EN) Techstination


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